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About me

Hi! I'm Priscila Ribas, and I consider myself a multipotentialite person. Since I was a child, I struggled to understand what my interests are, simply because there are so many options in the world, and many things caught my interest. Maybe not by coincidence, I got my degree in journalism. My intention was to be able to live a lot of different lives by telling different stories. It turns out that I didn't need to tell different stories - I just lived them. I'm originally from Brazil but have been living in New Zealand since 2017. Back home, I worked as a journalist and on social media in different places, but things changed when I arrived in a place where they don't speak my mother tongue, and that's when I had the chance to taste different lives that I don't think I'd ever live in Brazil: working as a checkout assistant, laser tag referee (that was pretty cool), retail salesperson, barista, cleaner, management… and the list goes on. In December of 2021, I put on my yearly bucket list that I would finally do something related to what I love the most (writing and creating content), just didn't know exactly what. Thankfully, when I started my podcast in Portuguese (yes…I also do that!) I discovered many authors and relevant people talking about it and showing me that is ok not to be like everyone else, and as I was discovering these amazing people out there, I found out that more people than I thought are procrastinators like me, we are just hiding from the world because we have been told that this is wrong and a synonym for laziness.  And that's when it rang a bell and I decided to beat my Impostor Syndrome and start sharing my journey here. Thanks for reading it and I hope something of all this makes sense to you.

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