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Swimming in my multipotentiality

I couldn't choose any other topic for my first post. I believe that learning this word was the start to accepting - and even admiring! - myself as I honestly am.

First, if you don’t know what this means, I will quickly explain it to you so we can move forward with my thoughts on this. Multipotentiality is a term referring to the ability and preference of a person to excel in two or more different fields. In other words, it is the opposite of being a specialist.

Perhaps not by coincidence, I am a journalist. I have already explained in my bio that I chose journalism because I wanted to have the opportunity to live many stories in one life. And discovering myself as a multipotentialite person brought me some answers to things I didn't understand, such as why I didn't follow the conventional paths like my friends did. Everyone I knew was studying to be a specialist in something, whereas I tend to fall in love with a little bit of everything. Many times I've heard that I should look for a subject to specialise in, but it never made sense to me. And because I had different interests, I felt like I was always wrong.

Last year, when I read this term for the first time, I realised that I was just a fish being judged by my ability to climb a tree.

For most of my life, I had to deal with the bad sides of being multipotentialite, the difficulty of saying no to things and ending up getting involved with more projects than I can do, being always too busy and rarely finishing anything and my mind always working nonstop. All of these things are a recipe for frustration and anxiety. Mainly because we, multipotentialite people, have the habit of thinking that yes, we will be able to learn about everything in life. Which, clearly (and unfortunately) is not possible.

So as I start reading more about this new word in my vocabulary, I learn that it's not all about counter sides. There are infinite advantages to being a person who has many interests, but I will stick to one: adaptability. So many crazy things have happened in the last couple of years and adaptability has been essential to everyone. I saw many of my friends going crazy (to be fair, who didn't?) but there was something that they would be very worried about, and that was the feeling of not knowing how their life would be in a short period. That was when I wanted to say to all of them "welcome to my life" because that's exactly how I often feel, but my capacity for adaptability made me know that we would find a way to be alright.

Okay, just because being multipotentialite is awesome, I will give one more bright side of it - because we love to learn, we are always learning something new, and that also means bringing everything we learn together with innovation and creativity.

Being multipotentialite can make you lose yourself in many projects, it's true. And that's why it's so important for you to get to know yourself deeply and to understand what your weaknesses are and when being interested in so many different things at the same can be bad for you. It was only by looking within that I learned to respect myself and not get lost in many things that I started and never finished. And I'm here to walk this path with you and share everything I've learned to transform my ability to fall in love with several different things at the same time into skills that take me further.

Not having one true calling in life it's not a problem that you must overcome. It's just who you are and I will love to see you embracing yourself.

Now there is something that has always been involved with all the things I have already fallen in love with. And this is exactly what I'm doing now: writing. Yes, I am used to writing in my mother tongue, and I'm excellent at Portuguese, If I may say so myself. While it's a bit scary to start showing the world something I'm a beginner at (at least in public), my multipotentiality is looking forward to writing down my thoughts in another language. I hope you stick with me.

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