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Pink Sand

I always thought I was a procrastinator. Until I realised that I just function differently than most people (or is it that most people are just like me and just ashamed to admit it?).

Only when I accepted and understood what works the best for me (tools and habits that help me to fit in a busy world) that things got better and I started being very productive, feeling less tired and more motivated. When I started sharing some of my struggles on social media, many friends related to me and most of our conversations were about us knowing what we should do to get things done, but just not having the strength to do those things. That's when I realised that all I was consuming to become a more organised person was content created by people naturally organised in their lives - which definitely doesn't work for some of us.

Therapy, long conversations, and many different self-organisation tools have been part of my life in the last few years, and I decided to share with you everything that helped me to get through my day and to know myself better. 

But I will give you here the biggest spoiler of all my content: the only way you can find peace is by knowing yourself and knowing what works and doesn't work for you. There are no rules, no magic steps. But I hope that some of what has been working for me also works for you.


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